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Horary Astrology Course

If you are interested in systematic and thorough study of Horary Astrology, on this page you can find information about the Natasa Karalic Koprivica's (Internet) Horary Astrology course.

During the Horary Astrology course students meet the most important ideas, rules and techniques of horary astrology and they are trained to interpret horary horoscopes by themselves. It also includes the student’s skill for solving usual problems appearing during the interpreting horary horoscopes. Within the framework of horary astrology course, students study the following themes: Elementary Ideas of Horary Astrology (time, place, the way of asking horary questions and other elementary ideas of horary astrology); Mundane Houses and Zodiac Signs in Horary Astrology; Zodiac and Mundane Dignities in Horary Astrology; Receptions, Aspects, Fixed Stars and Arabic Parts in Horary Astrology; Qualification of Time Units in Horary Astrology; Questions Referring to I and II Mundane Houses (looks, lost things, stolen things, money, etc.); Questions Referring to III and IV Mundane Houses (letters, parcels, real estate buying and selling); Questions Referring to V and VI Mundane Houses (pregnancy, medical horary questions, death); Questions Referring to VII and VIII Mundane Houses (love, marriage, companionships, partnerships, sport contests, legal proceedings); Questions Referring to IX and X Mundane Houses (journeys, education, dreams, business questions); Questions Referring to XI and XII Mundane Houses (friendships, scholarships, rewards, taxes, prison); Weather Forecasts in Horary Astrology; Interventions in Horary Astrology. All themes contain many practical tasks. At the end of the course all students do the final test in order to check their knowledge.

For more detailed information about the course contents, the way of course attendance, literature, prices,  the way of paying etc. contact astrologer Natasa Karalic Koprivica or visit Natasa's Homepage .